Cirque Exalté

[Création 2020]

It is very simple. A man and a woman dancing. They love each other, it’s very clear, without hesitation, without question. They already have been living happy, living unhappy, living together.
They like to be dumb together, they like to dance together, they like when we watch them dancing together, they like to be crazy together, to be sensual, ugly, frail…together.
She likes to laugh at his worst jokes, he likes to handle her downs and her volcanic enthusiasm. They like to still keep thinking this is for life.
And now, it is just a moment. An instant of celebration, or a party till the end of the night. A moment where they are together, dancing. They spin round and round, till they lose their thoughts.


Outdoor, Indoor, Intimate place

40′ / Suitable for all


Technical rider on request

Espace minimum :

Flat, smooth and levelled floor

Slope lower than 2%

Ground area (circular) : 5m

Minimum height : 6m

Gauge : 250-500


Sara Desprez et Angelos Matsakis : auteur/autrice, interprètes.

Johan Swartvagher et Albin Warette : regards extérieurs

Coproduction,and support

Coproductions : Le Plongeoir Cité du Cirque, Pôle Cirque Le Mans / Le Tapis Vert Centre de résidence artistique, Lalacelle (60) / LBN Communauté (72).


Sylvie Sauvage

+33 (0)6 79 70 35 83


Compagnie Cirque Exalté



Compagnie Cirque Exalté

CHOLET (49) — Jardin de Verre

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