Cirque Exalté

The Company

The Cirque Exalté Company was created in 2009 by Sara Desprez and Angelos Matsakis, both trained at the Superior school of circus arts in Brussels (ESAC). Since 2010, they are working with Albin Warette for the direction of their first show “Complètement Swing !”. Emiliano Ferri joined them for a new show “Furieuse Tendresse”. The Company has been touring with “Completely Swing!” throughout France and internationally since 2010, and with “Furieuse tendresse” since 2014.

“The name [of the crew] sprang forth very quickly as the clear choice. We’d like to proclaim to the world the circus’ expertise, its form of exchange, and its sense of generosity through the use of numerous different technics. In the word “exaltation” we conjure up, all at the same time, our energies, our impulsiveness, our passions and our poetry. Our Circus is meant to be lively, anchored in the present, full of risk-taking and enthusiasm, with just a slight, sweet hint of madness. It is successively choreographed, performed and championed.”

Sara and Angelos.


The shows

Foutoir céleste Création 2022

Amants Création 2020

Coyote 2019 > 2021

Furieuse tendresse 2014 > 2021

Complètement Swing ! 2010 > 2014

The Team

© Cirque Exalté

Sara Desprez

Swinging trapeze, acrobatics, aerials

At the age of six, while pumping her legs as high as possible on her swing, she threw herself into the air, shouting, “Look, Mommy!”… Thanks to a quick-thinking passer-by, she had a narrow escape from what could have been her final flight! Ten years later, Desprez trained at the The National Circus School of Châtellerault (l’Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault, ENCC), then at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque of Brussels (ESAC), where she specialized in the swinging trapeze.
She subsequently joined the Helsinki Winter Circus in Finland for two consecutive seasons. Always excited to learn, Sara trains for her acrobatic lifts alongside Angelos Matsakis, with whom she also decides to develop her abilities as a creative artist, by giving birth to the Cirque Exalté Company.

© Cirque Exalté

Angelos Matsakis

Juggler, acrobatic lifts

After having dabbled in ping-pong, horseback riding, rugby, badminton, ballroom dance, chess, synchronized swimming, Angelos finally discovers the activity for which he is destined: The Circus.
After his years at the Circus of Hobbies, during which Angelos is a jack of all trades, he is accepted to l’Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Chatelleraut (ENCC), then continues on to l’Ecole Superieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles (ESAC), where he specializes in juggling and acrobatics. Soon after he participates in the creation of Cirque d’Hiver d’Helsinki in Finland, in which he works on his acrobatic lifts. In 2008, along with Sara, he created the Cirque Exalté Company.