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About us?

A production bureau invested in cultural actions, ÉMILE SABORD was created in 1999 and sees itself as a mindful bridge between the public and programmers, in which the last word is always given to the artists. ÉMILE SABORD achieved its legitimacy by accompanying both Buffo and Okidoks’ careers, and continues to pursue this adventure with experienced artists and as well as those in the process of affirming their promising talents.

Beyond the specificity of their disciplines, the accompanied artists share a poetic writing style. In their respective shows, the artists firmly defend humanist values, all while holding on to a hindsight that permits them to make use of humor. They attempt to preserve themselves from all ease, vulgarity, and demagoguery with a sensibility comes from the heart. Sylvie Sauvage and Pierre-Yves Maby steer the ship. Émile is based in Nantes, with the sea in sight, and Captain Haddock on watch, ready to curse when need be.

The Team

Sylvie Sauvage

Diffusion / Production
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Lison Granier

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Pauline Boulai

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Delphine Armand

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Manuel Rascalou


Sebastien Lhommeau

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Pierre-Yves Maby

Conseiller artistique