Les Quat’fers en l’air

The Company

After crossing the ocean, Garance tripped over a hazelnut named Gabi. They were both students at «l’école Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois» (l’ENACR) in France. They grew up on different continents, unaware that their destinies would cross… This transatlantic union took place in an ‘aerial cradle’. this discipline was unknown to them when they arrived at the school. Their teacher’s enthusiasm for this discipline may have contributed to the unfurling of their wings. At the «Centre National des Arts du Cirque» (CNAC) their love for suspension grew even more. They also discovered and dove into the clown universe of Alain Reynaud. Upon graduating, they will launch their summer tour at the “Fêtes Vénitiennes de Martigues” with “GRAVIR” : their mountain climbing dream.

The Show

Gravir Creation 2017

The Team

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Gabi Chitescu

Flyer on an aerial cradle

Born in the little province of Niort (79000) to a Romanian father and a French mother, both former dancers, Gabi is immersed from a very young age in dance. Bold and ambitious, at age 7, she joins a gymnastic club. This will teach her to be competitive, team minded but also to enjoy surpassing herself. At the same time that she is taking dance and gym classes, she takes theater lessons. She wanted to explore another means of expression, a different relation with her body. The shows oh Philippe Découflé have been an inspiration and had a decisive influence over her career choices. At 17 years old, she knows she has to develop her abilities and her abilities and her creative sesitivity. She leaves the mainstream school to join “l’École National des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois”. She specialises a a flyer on an aerial cradle next to Garance Hubert Samson. Together, they move on to “Le Centre National des Arts du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne”. They will nourish their passion for creation. They want to play on their differences, their similarities and their separate identities.

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Garance Hubert Samson

Aerial cradle

Born during a snowstorm in the peaceful town of Québec City, Garance starts a nomad life in the shadow of her theatrical father, from one backstage to another. At one month old, she flies to Europe and will be one of the last cross the Berlin wall before it collapses. Her mother, at the same time spacey and rational, teaches mathematics. At eighteen month old, Garance welcomes a brother, hi Budha shape will soon transform into a beautiful Japanese asparagus. She always dreamed of being on stage to explore different roles, to claim joie de vivre for the entire human race. She learns piano, taekwondo, funky jazz, volley-ball, theater, photography and … circus when she is eleven, at École de cirque de Québec. Little did she know this would be the beginning of a great story. Her studies will go from equilibrium with a stick on the chin, to unicycle, juggling, acrobalance and trampoline.

The comes love at first sight when she connects with the aerial rope. This new âssion will lead her to Europe, looking for an inspired mentor. Once welcomed at L’ENACR, she meets Karine Nöel, a dance teacher who will show her the countless textures of the discipline. There, she will encounter the one and only aerial cradele, acompanied by three beautiful Frenchwoman, full of character. Amongst them … Gabi Chitescu ! This is how a new team born : “Les Quat’Fers en l’air”. Garance believes the strenght of a show will cause all kinds of feeling, color everyday life with the absurd and taste the majesty of silence.