La compagnie

The JOSIANES Association was born in the spring of 2020, when the circus crossed my path. After 25 years of my life dedicated to dance, the fusion of this universe with my own seemed obvious, something I’d been waiting for for a long time.
With its clownish craziness, philosophy of daring and taste for risk, I deeply feel the need to explore new facets of movement and the human soul. Added to this is my commitment to the feminist cause and the burning desire to make my art a means of resistance. As the heir of a family of resistance fighters myself, I feel it’s necessary today to question myself on this subject, to shed light on past struggles and their impact on today’s world.
So I gathered around me a group of women artists, each from a different country, but driven by the same desire to use art to make their voices heard. Fearless and funny, they fight for their ideas and dare to assert their characters – women as endearing as they are talented!

They are “Les JOSIANES”.


Julia Spiesser

© Mickael-A.-Bandassak
© Mickael-A.-Bandassak

The Cast

Julia Spiesser

Dancer, choreographer, singer.

Born into a family of artists, she has been immersed in art and creativity since birth. For her, dance is not a choice, it’s a given! Thirsty to learn and ultra-curious, she explores all styles, training in classical technique as well as hip-hop and singing, between Paris, London and Los Angeles.
A free electron with a rebellious streak and a strong sense of commitment, Julia loves to create worlds, tell life stories, convey strong emotions to her audiences and let them experience moments of pure magic through movement.
Her choreographic DNA is just like her: hybrid, intense, but always with a touch of humor. Julia has been recognized for over 15 years for her extraordinary style and her human and educational qualities.
She dances for a wide range of projects, from television to underground theater. She has choreographed numerous artist tours, as well as many entertainment shows.
In 2015, she created the freaky art show, a charity cabaret that she presents and that brings together artists of all styles (dance, circus, singing, slam…) The 8 editions, at the Palais des glaces in Paris, have sold out. She is also lead singer of the rock band Messy Mondays.
Always on the lookout for new challenges, she’s constantly seeking to reinvent herself, which in 2020 led her to create her own company, combining circus, dance and vertical dance.