Wake Up !

Cie Errância

[Création 2019]
© Cie Errance

It is about the meeting of two men with distinct personalities, where movement is the source of communication. How do you get a body that has been through several generations back on its feet with genetic traces of war, oppression and torture forgotten in an attic? How do you give back the taste for mobility to a man who has only followed his instincts?

Wake Up! brings together two young artists from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne: Corentin DIANA and Leonardo FERREIRA. After three years of work together within the 29th promotion, they deepen their research around acrobatics on the ground in cinematographic atmospheres; “Wake Up!” is then born, a short form which crosses two generations of distinct personalities in a dilated space-time, where the acrobatic movement becomes a source of communication.

Acrobatics, danse.
Wake Up !

Outdoors, Indoors, atypical places : 35′ / For all audiences


Technical rider available on request

Minimum space required:

Stage: 8 x 8m + driveway or path of 15 to 30 metres

Flat ground

Gauge: 200 seats

Assembly time: 4h (including 2h of warm-up and rehearsal)


Distribution : Auteurs : Corentin Diana et Leonardo Ferreira


Interprètes : Leonardo Ferreira et Corentin Diana en alternance avec Cochise Le berre


Sylvie Sauvage

+33(0)6 79 70 35 83

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