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The show “Wake Up!” brings together two young artists from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne: Corentin Diana and Leonardo Ferreira. After three years of work together within the 29th promotion, they deepen their research around ground acrobatics in cinematographic atmospheres. Wake Up! was born, a short form that brings together two generations of distinct personalities in a dilated space-time, where acrobatic movement becomes a source of communication.

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The show

Wake up Creation 2019

The Team

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Leonardo Ferreira

Juggler, acrobat, chinese mast

Leonardo Ferreira develops a real body identity. His acrobatic relationship with the object and space is enhanced by his cinematic influences. In his creations, his body is detached from time and matter, which no longer have any value here.
Born in Lisbon in 1992, Leonardo grew up in a family with a strong interest in fine arts and music. His first memories as a child are of circus shows that were shown on television during holidays. Before circus, Leonardo had a general education and it was at the age of 15 that he changed direction to take a professional baccalaureate in Circus Interpretation and Animation at the Professional School of Performing Arts and Techniques (Chapitô) in Lisbon (PT). In this school, he will refine his juggling practice, which he started very early and will discover new disciplines such as dance, acrobatics and acting. In 2011, he collaborates with the Cie ADN.
In 2013, he joins the ENACR (École Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois) where he will deepen his practice of Chinese mast and acrobatics. He continued his training at the CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne) where his universe is revealed through his sense of movement, nourished by both his imagination and his multiple inspirations.
Following the tour of the show Atelier 29, directed by Mathurin Bolze (Cie MPTA), he co-founded in 2018 Groupe Zède with Antonin Bailles and Joana Nicioli from which emanates in 2019 their first creation: Três. Leonardo Ferreira is also the co-author and performer of Vão, the latest creation of the Erva Daninha Company (PT).

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Corentin Diana

Juggler, floor acrobat, trampoline and teeter-totter

Born in Auch (FR) in 1994, Corentin discovered the circus through Pop Circus (amateur school in Auch). He was introduced to juggling, rocking and acrobatics and pursued his passion by joining the ENACR in 2012. The following year, he left the school to join the École de Cirque de Bordeaux and finally finished his studies at the CNAC in 2017, where he specialised in floor acrobatics and trampoline. As a member of the 29th class of the CNAC, he participated alongside Leonardo Ferreira in the show Atelier 29 where an artistic affinity with Mathurin Bolze (Cie MPTA) was developed during the creation. Since then, he has been an author-performer and has made acrobatics his vocabulary for stage expression. He collaborated with Cie 111 for the revival of the show Plan B by Aurélien Bory and Phil Soltanoff. Corentin is now a companion artist of the MPTA Company and of the Scène Nationale de Cavaillon La Garance. With Emma Verbeke, they are writing their first short form creation in 2020: À nos vertiges. This show will be followed by a long form in September 2020. At the same time, he also participates in the show Les Hauts Plateaux by Mathurin Bolze (Cie MPTA).