Jamais en retraite

Zania Company

[Creation 2020]

Jamais en retraite

Let’s give relief to what becomes invisible.

Jamais en retraite approaches with humour and tenderness the question of old age in our society.

It is the story of an overflowing friendship between two elderly women, told through an acrobatic bike and a slack rope. Carla and Maria, as two contemporary Don Quichotte, confront the inevitable battle against time and embark us on a dance of everyday life that is both funny and poetic.

*Jamais en retraite can be performed in french, italian, spanish and english.

As a preamble for the show, Zania Company suggests doing a wandering Passeggiata Dominicale. In a total immersion in the public space, both protagonists interact with passers-by using street furnitures as circus apparatus. The wandering show is adapted to each and every space where it is performed.

Jamais en retraite

Outdoor or Indoor : 50′ or 30′ | suitable for all

Wandering : 45′ | suitable for all


  • semi-frontal show
  • Hard and levelled floor
  • Opening : 9,5m
  • Depth : 8m

In the press

«Les passants pensent tout d’abord que ce sont deux grand-mères qui réalisent des acrobaties puis découvrent la compagnie Zania, qui offre avec humour et amour leur regard sur la vieillesse. Pour elles et pour nous, jouer dans des espaces ouverts et ruraux est un régal. »


By and with : Gioia Zanaboni, Anja Eberhart

External look : Daniel Gulko, Gilles Jolly

Lighting design : Clément Fodella

Co-productions and supports

CO-PRODUCTION : La CASCADE Pôle national Cirque Ardèche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

SUPPORTS : Région Sud / Piste d’Azur – Centre Régional des Arts du Cirque Région Sud / Archaos – Pôle National Cirque / La Central del Circ de Barcelona.


Sylvie Sauvage +33(0)6 79 70 35 83 / production@emilesabord.fr

Calendar 2020

14-15/11/2020 Rome (IT)

23 & 24/01/2021 Marseille (FR) Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque

29 & 30/01/2021 Vitrolles (FR) Théâtre Fontblanche /Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque