A stuntwomen duet arrives, prepared to climb the highest peaks… Unfortunately, global warming has melted the snow leaving only the skeleton of this gigantic mountain… How will
they defy gravity? Why persist in climbing if one always ends up coming down? It is a mystery that can only be solved by tasting the pleasure of acrobatics in a short moment of weightlessness!
Will the duo be able to endure the heat while spinning in the air?

Gravir in street

60′ / All public


Scenic space :

  • Flat ground on a single level
  • Ground area 10m x 7m
  • Minimal height:7m
  • Capacity : 600/800

Sound and light to be provided by the organizer

Assembly time : 2 hours + 2 hours of warm-up

Disassembly Time : 1h30

Casting :

On an original idea of Quat’fers en l’air

Artists : Gabi Chitescu anr Garance Hubert-Samsom

Directed by: Alain Reynaud

Costume design: Patricia de petitville

Co – production :

La Cascade (pôle National cirque – Ardèche, Rhône Alpe)

Booking :

Louise Roy +33(0)6 46 80 97 46
Sylvie Sauvage +33(0)6 79 70 35 83

Tour in concoction