Furieuse tendresse


Jubilatory Circus

In 1975, Patti Smith releases her album “Horses”, a concentration of savage rock and of ardent poetry.

Exactly 43 years later, as if by vertiginous coincidence, driven by this contagious passion, Trois Exaltes takes its turn in the spotlight. Through the deafening crash of intense acrobatics and frenzied poetry, they celebrate liberty joyously, to a rock soundtrack. They strive to awaken and cherish the rebellious lover buried in each of us. For them, every second is perfect They test the limits, in search of spontaneous beauty in the unexpected, they flirt with risk.

« Furieuse Tendresse » is a cry. An exhilarating performance born to express the intensity of life and of the instant. An invitation to experience human contact by way of the circus and extremes.

Furieuse tendresse | Outdoor

45min / suitable for all

Furieuse tendresse | Indoor

45min / suitable for all


Minimum space :

  • Clear space : 17 x 17m
  • Crossbar Height : 8 m
  • Crossbar Width : 3.60 m

Sound : independent

  • Assembly Time : 3h30
  • Disassembly Time : 2h


Minimum space :

  • Depth : 10m
  • Opening : 13m
  • Height 9m of grill & 8,5 under pole
  • Width : 13m
  • Height of coat : 7,5m
  • Assembly time : 8h
  • Disassembly time : 2h

In the press

« Virtuoso techniques, aerial prowess specialists, The Cirque Exalté artists conquer great heights… From their breathtaking trapeze acts to their millimetric juggling, The three Cirquesters give us tense poetry, while letting out a strong cry for liberty. »



By and with : Sara DESPREZ – Angelos MATSAKIS – Jonathan Charlet
Directed by : Albin WARETTE
Technical support : Alexandre MALADRY (street), Nicolas JAMES (indoor)
Costumes : Chloé FOURNIER
Graphics : We Where Heroes
Stage design, set : David TONDEUX, Franck BREUIL
Sound : Ludovic Kierasinski
Voice : Danièle Marchais
Voice : Vincent Pelletier
Scenography, scenery : David Tondeux et Franck Dubreuil
Graphics and communication : We Where Heroes

Co – production

Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau, Festival Les Elancées / Scènes & Cinés Ouest Provence, Les Baltringos, Ville d’Evron


Louise Roy +33 (0)6 46 80 97 46
/ production@emilesabord.fr

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