Complètement Swing !

Completement swing

Crazy Energie and Rock-and-Roll Whimsy !

Forty-five minutes of supercharged circus performance and wild poetry in motion, directed by the dynamic duo Pépin and Nina. The great feat is in itself the dramatic energy of the show, constantly and mercilessly swinging back and forth between Pépin’s quiet calm and Nina’s explosive extravagance.

Their love of dance, rhythm and laughter is what ties them together the most. They juggle, twirl around and fly through the air on the trapeze with humour and infectious delight. They dive joyfully into their frenzied dreams and live passionately… They give everything they’ve got to share all of these intense emotions with their public.

Complètement Swing ! Indoor, Outdoor

45 min / all audiences


Minimum space :

  • Space: 20 x 16m
  • Assembly Time : 3h30
  • Disassembly Time : 2h

Portfolio “Complètement Swing!”

In the press

« Together they rewrite the laws of gravity, with an incredible energy and a ton of daring, in a hallucinating performance full of fantasy, humour and a perfect command of their art. »

« They are young artists, but they serve as the proof that a person’s worth is not measured in years. (…) A breathtaking show is on the horizon! »

« Drawing from their experience, when performing they share a fervour and an incredible energy, as well as thrills and humour with a perfect technique and an impeccable mastery of their art… »

Casting :

By and with : Sara Desprez and Angelos Matsakis
Artistic Director : Albin Warette
Technic : Alexandre Maladry
Costumes : Agnès Vitour and Sara Desprez
Set Design : Thierry Deschamps, Jean-Claude Furet and Didier Ledus


Solène Gautret +33(0)6 02 07 65 60
Sylvie Sauvage +33(0)6 79 70 35 83


With the help of :
PALC (Pépinière Artistique Ligérienne Circassienne), La Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau du Mans, Centre Nationale des Arts de la Rue d’Angers (CNAR), La Grainerie – Fabrique des arts du cirque et de l‘itinérance à Balma, National School of Châtellerault (ENCC), Compagnie Chien de Cirque et Cirque d’Anges Heureux, Théâtre de l’Enfumeraie, Défi Jeune.

Coming dates :

Nothing from 20 April 2018 to 20 May 2018.