Sweat & Ink


Sweat & Ink is an exploration of memory and relationships through acrobatic metaphor - four humans wrestle with their own imperfections and limitations as they rub against the rough edges of memory’s fallibility. Would perfect memory lead to perfect happiness, or can there be grace in our imperfection, beauty in our struggle as we tumble through life’s challenges? Beautiful, messy, painful and funny, it is a show to make you gasp, cry, laugh and wonder.

Sweat & Ink

75' / Suitable for all



  • Proscenium arch opening: 10m
  • Proscenium arch height: 7,5m
  • Stage width: 15m
  • Stage depth: 13m
  • Minimum clearance under the lighting grid: 8m
  • Dimension of performance area: 10m x 10m

Technical rider on request.

In the press

« Make no mistake, these are award-winning performers who are among the best at their craft. It is more than enough to watch them do that work. These kinds of boundary-pushing feats come with their own narrative, which is the power of human possibility and held-breath moments between when someone might fall and when, against all odds, they land. » BROAD STREET REVIEW « Eric Bates's cigar box piece ranks as among the most creative expressions of juggling I’ve ever seen, live or on video. » THIS IS CABARET « Eric Bates’s juggling act with the cigar boxes is breathtaking. » « Simply sumptous. » JUST FOCUS « A thing of pure beauty » « Alexandra Royer is simply a dream performer, both delicate and precise on Russian Bar, where she throws the most elegant double somersaults that she could clearly land on a button » THE STAGE « Profondément original […], un duo en forme de duel, où chacun veille malgré tout à protéger la fragilité de l’autre. » FLORENCE DOUROUX, UN VAISSEAU DE JOIE « La poésie subjugante. » LA PRESSE «The performance is held under the auspices of the Ambassador of Canada to the Czech Republic.» H.E BARBARA C. RICHARDSON


ARTISTS : Alexandra Royer / Eve Bigel / Eric Bates / Tristan Nielsen DRAMATURGE, DIRECTOR AND SCENOGRAPHER : Jean-Pierre Cloutier MUSICAL COMPOSITION : Betty Bonifassi LIGHT DESIGN : Arnaud Belley-Ferris


Canada Council for the Arts Jakta 78 - Prague Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec Tohu, Cité des Arts du Cirque - Montréal


Sylvie Sauvage +33 (0)6 79 70 35 83 / production@emilesabord.fr

Calendar 2020

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