Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant ! 

The Company

Recently graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC, Brussels) in 2007, Luca Aeschlimann, Gert De Cooman, Vladimir Couprie and Kenzo Tokuoka founded Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant !. Since then, the company has become emblematic in today's Belgian circus landscape.

In 2009, Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant ! releases its first collective creation - after being on tour with several circus arts acts - "Le Carré Curieux" which will achieve great success, especially in the Festival d'Avignon in 2010.

"Le Carré Curieux" was played 300 times all around the world and when they came back to Belgium, each artists got into various creative projects : solo, duo or even collaborations with other artists. From 2011 to 2018, 8 unique acts came to light. After all of these very eclectic projects (unicycle, juggling, magic, clown, etc.), "Famille Choisie", created in 2018 marks an important turning point in the company history, gathering all four founders in a great adventure under a circus tent.

Nowadays, Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant ! presents the special duo of Vladimir Couprie - a diabolo master - and his dog, in a show combining dog ''training" and juggling arts.

The shows

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