[Creation 2021]

© Sébastien Grébille

Musical fantasia for a quirky trio

Claricello is a musical box, a poetic piece of machinery, tenderly and mischievously played by three imps with their suitcase-cubes. Their lanterns lit up, these three breezy elves invite us to visit their puppet booth. Three genius musicians, dancers, poets, who without seeming to, charm and disarm us as they play with their instrument-partners… Three homoludicus dancing to the tick-tock of the singing clock… popping up unexpectedly on the days the stars wink and the moon does a back flip.

Like animals shedding their old skins, the musical instruments come alive and take their place in the hands of the characters for this nonsensical, topsy-turvy tale.

Clari, a clarinet with plenty of puff and a lot of cheek, a head full of air and tunes.

Cello, a big fat violin, rubbed the right way with the magic wand that is its bow.

And Léopold, a strange character from who knows where.

And suddenly things get tricky … clowning and dance together gatecrash classical music !

Body language, classical music


Designed for indoor theatres.

Young audience version (from 3 years old upwards) / 40'

Family audience version (from 6 years old upwards) / 50'


Technical rider on request

Minimum space :

Floor surface : 8m x 8m (possible adjustment)


Alain Reynaud : director, artistic director.
Fabrice Bihan : cellist.
Louise Marcillat : clarinettist.
Isabelle Quinette : dancer and singer.
Léa Emonet : costume designer
Gilles Richard : lighting designer
Gilles Drouhard / Yann Guénard : set design and construction
Nathalie Leroy : stage management


Production : Philharmonie du Luxembourg / les Nouveaux Nez & Cie.
Coproduction : Le Festival Les Elancées - Scènes et Cinés, scène conventionnée Art en territoire.
Supports : La Cascade, Pôle National Cirque – Auvergne Rhône-Alpes


Pauline Boulai +33 (0)6 50 20 61 54

  • 25 November 2022 | SAINT MARTIN DE CRAU (13), Centre de Développement Culturel

  • 26 November 2022 | SAINT MARTIN DE CRAU (13), Centre de Développement Culturel

  • 29 November 2022 | Baden Baden (AL), Festspielhaus

  • 30 November 2022 | Baden Baden (AL), Festspielhaus

  • 9 December 2022 | SAINT YRIEIX LA PERCHE (87), Centre Culturel Jean Pierre Fabrègue

  • 15 December 2022 | HYERES (83), Théâtre Denis

  • 16 December 2022 | HYERES (83), Théâtre Denis

  • 17 December 2022 | HYERES (83), Théâtre Denis